Director Message

Director's Message

Education plays an important role in the development of ethical character of the students. Since young minds are open to new ideas and suggestions, it is easy to mould them. The methods of teaching adopted by the teachers can play a significant role in arousing the students' interest in right ideals and interests. If right values are inculcated, then patterns of behaviour automatically become sound. An imaginative curriculum, the right methods of teaching and above all, the service of committed teachers are the main factors which are responsible in imparting careful training to the students in developing good conduct.
Although it is a challenging task yet we are determined to take up the challenges. I, on behalf of my dedicated team, vow to keep on giving quality education and seek your valuable co-operation in this regard. Thank you sincerely

Mr. Narpinder Singh Dhillon
Shaheed Bhai Diala Ji Public School
Longowal, Sangrur