Welcome to Shaheed Bhai Diala Ji Sr. Sec. Public School
Opp. Sliet, Longowal
District Sangrur Punjab, India.


Dear students

I would like to realize you the dignity and importance of labour or hard work.

Nature provide us everything we need but not in usable forms. With our various activities like agriculture, trade, industry and learning, we transform the gifts given to us by the Almighty into products useful to us. As a common feature of all these activities, labour or hard work in one form or another, is an important factor that makes such transformation possible. It is infact, the key factor to our very existence. We cannot imagine what our lives would be like, if we are willing to work.

Life is a struggle; one must fight the battle of life valiantly. Everybody who takes birth has to die one day. Therefore, one should make the best of life. We must make the best use of every minute given to us by God. Those who do not act, but go on hesitating and postponing things, achieve nothing in life. Such persons as go on thinking and brooding can never attain the height of glory.

So dear students I would like to advise you not to waste your time. You should set your goal and work hard to achieve it. This period of your life has great impact on your future life. You will realize later whatever you do on now. If you work hard in your study this time, bright future will welcome you.